Every organization will increasingly need to become fluent in digital to survive in the world as it is and to thrive in the world to come. At Alabastre Labs GmbH, we specialise in helping organizations navigate that digital transformation. Based in Switzerland, we offer digital strategy consulting engagements tailored to your needs and ambitions.

  • Ecosystem & Relationship Mapping
  • Future-State & Roadmapping
  • Partner Selection & Implementation
  • Digital Strategy Consulting

expose the relationship…then expand the relationship

Ecosystem & Relationship Mapping

Using a proven methodology, we work with you to map your organization in the larger ecosystem in which you operate; including your customers and partners, and their customers and partners. We help you develop the relationship archetypes in your ecosystem with a focus on how each relationship can be exposed, expanded, and improved through digital solutions.

Let’s turn your digital ambitions into a competitive advantage

you have a message and you have a market

Future-State Vision & Roadmapping

Digital channels offer a wealth of possibilities. We know what is possible and we know what is coming. We help you develop your strategic vision and then work backwards from there to create a roadmap of steps to achieve your ambitions. The key is ensuring that each step you take forward will be in the right direction and will serve the overall vision.

‘Your business will rise and fall based on the millions and millions of tiny-decisions that people make every day….and here’s the secret: make it easy for them…anyone who has any kind of relationship with you; a customer, a distributor, a business partner, whomever. Make it easy. Find ways to expose the value of relationship and make it transparent to both of you. Only then can you find ways to expand the relationship and grow your business.”

don’t build to requirements…build to a vision

Partner Selection & Implementation

Once the vision and the path are clear, we help you find the right implementation partners and ensure that their efforts are consistent with your strategic goals

Digital Consulting

We have extensive subject-matter expertise in the areas of web strategy, content architecture, taxonomy, multichannel distribution, digital product development, and ‘beyond the pill’ products & services.

The cost of failure is low. The cost of inertia is high.

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Alabastre Labs GmbH

Luke Bragg, Digital Strategist